White Goods:
Doming, Plastic, Aluminum, Diacut, Metal and Thincut metal logos are used in the white goods group which is one of the industries using the most labels in the world. This product diversity varies according to the white goods sales strategy plan. The label selection is available for each segment.

The Thincut (letter by letter metal) logos that have been used by the world's leading manufacturers of white goods since 2012, are still used in all kinds of large and small white goods. While it is mainly used in refrigerator and washing machine, It is also used in products such as dishwashers, dryers, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, ovens, boilers. The preferred type of label varies according to the material color used in the white goods. Doming, Thincut metal logo or other options are preferred.

Furniture Accessories:
Furniture industry is a very well-established industry and the purchases are made in many different label group. Mainly metal logos are used (Zamak, Aluminium, Diacut, Thincut). According to the preferred one and the surface to be used, the doming and plastic-based labels are used. In panel groups the adhesive labels are preferred and in soft groups the nailed metal logos are used.

Furniture and furniture accessories companies use not only labels but also large-sized visual stickers that enhance their products. In addition, they also use the stickers made from doming, polyurethane, domes materials, the colored plastics made from plastic based materials or metallized visuals.

Electrical & Electronic Parts:
The metal parts used widely in electrical / electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, televisions and music systems which are part of our lives today are made from the Thincut labels. 3D Thincut, Micro Thincut and 2D Thincut labels are available to be used. However, the Doming, Diacut and Aluminium logos are also among the most used product groups.

LED Insulation:
To achieve IP68 durability, the LED strips can be used outdoor and become water resistant by means of polyurethane applied on the LED strips. The LED strips having IP68 are used in interior pool lighting and building outdoor lighting. Many architectural projects are vitalized with LED insulation.

The surface protection is made with Doming casting, Domes or Polyurethane for the decorative parts used in the interior parts of the cars. Doming labels, Domes Labels or polyurethane-based labels are very common for bus and coaches models. Aluminum or plastic-based products are used for the brand logos of all the cars. The chrome-plated visuals come to the fore. Alternative solutions may also be brought for the Chrome-plated and Thincut labels.

Textiles and Accessories:
The Polyurethane materials that adapt to the textile products can be appliqued to the textile raw materials by heat with a supplementary support material. The Doming transfer products have become very fashionable, applied for the first time by EDES Label in Turkey.

In addition, the Hologram doming labels used in the team jerseys, that we have the patent application can be also used in the sports products.

Along with doming, domes and polyurethane materials that can provide integrity with metal pieces in extra attachable textile accessories such as buttons or cufflinks, the Thincut metal and plastic-based laser- cut labels are also used.

Package products:
"Thincut accessories" brand has a very rich diversity. The Thincut metal sticker patterns and shapes have a bright and chrome appearance shining like a mirror.

The patterns offered in a package product can customize the personal items by being applied to phones, accessories or devices used in everyday life. The Thincut metal stickers can easily be applied to any flat areas.

It is a product that can be used comfortably everywhere and in all areas such as in your car, computer, phone, book and stationery goods by request, in company's logo as promotional products, sales in tourist areas, region-specific shapes and figures, glass products, museums and etc.

In addition, our package products available in the market with the YEC DESIGN brand are made from the material known as Polyurethane, Domes and Doming labels. This product group is sold in a package of 35x50cm.

These stickers are designed to allow you to make your living spaces, home, rooms and offices more colorful and enjoyable. Optionally, it can also be adhered to the walls or furnitures.



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