Metal Labels


Among the metal labels there are varieties of labels made from different alloys.

These are Thincut, Aluminum label, Zamak label and Diacut labels.

Thincut; is defined as chrome-plated metal letters. There are also many different definitions (Laser cutting metal label, thin-cut labels, labels with bright letters, steel label, etc.).

Aluminum tags: They are metal alloys. The labels in this group are formed with a special mold to give shape the aluminum material. After this process, the printing and preventive applications are made to transform the material into a label and/or a logo. These processes also increase the lifetime and strength of the aluminum labels in the external environment.

Alloy label: It is a metal alloyed label produced in steel or silicone molds as a result of special demand of the Zamak material. In order to form a perfect surface quality, a 1st class polishing is applied, and a reflecting appearance can be obtained with the coating technique. The Zamak labels become very attractive label with the surface finishing.

Diacut label: The Diacut labels known as diamond cutting are made by embossing again the aluminum logo. They are the dimond-cut labels manufactured by a special moving head developed by EDES. According to the shape of the diamond head, the resulting product quality also brings along different options. The Diacut labels were the most used labels in the course of time, but nowadays Thincut - chrome-plated, bright labels with letters have been preferred.

Metal Label Applications

The most common application is the furniture brands.

The usage amount began to increase in white goods in the Cuisine kitchens started to become popular in 2015. Having more rough appearance is related to the different product market.

The utilization rate is also high in the promotional products. It is suitable for promotional products such as key chains, bookmarkers, etc. for a wide range of companies.

The metal logos (Zamak, Aluminium, Thincut and Diacut) are very good to attract the attention of end users. Especially, the Thincut logos with metal letters have been also continued to be used as the new trendy product of 2010.

Metal logolar (zamak, Aluminyum,Thincut ve Diacut) son kullanıcının dikkatini çekmekte çok iyidir. Özellikle Thincut metal harfli logolarda 2010 yılının yeni Trendy ürünü olarak kullanımı devam etmektedir.



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