Doming Label


What is Doming Label?

It is an important part of presenting your logos, emblems, graphic design and color products. • EDES offers a totally new method “Doming Label”; your tags which were previously two dimensional will have a three • dimensional thickness effect, brighter vision and your tags will remain vivid for years without changing. You will see a • simple tag would become a logo which is a symbol of prestige.

Differences of Doming Label:  Ordinary printed tags would loose printing quality in time, they are erased or lost, Doming Label is applied on the surface of printed material and protects your printing for a life against external influences. Its clear glassy image makes your tag seen more attractive and more quality. Its high chemical resistance ensures your tag remain vivid without pale for years on both automotive and white goods. Its outer wall resistant against scratching keeps the tag with the same clarity and becomes prestige symbol of your product. It makes a plain tag spectacular with three dimension effect.

Doming Label is a polyurethane based double mixture tag. Polyurethane is a chemical having various area of use from automotive to clopthes, toys to shoes without causing harmful effects to human being. Doming Label is obtained by mixing double component polyurethane material using special machines and pouring on the surfaces prepared already and freezing said liquid mixture in certain room conditions or using special heating techniques. Doming Label material spreads depending on the diffusion principle of the liquid, stops on sharp edges or a place having an agent to prevent its spreading and solidifies in suitable environment completing reaction. It may be obtained thinner or thicker depending on the quantity of pouring. Doming Label sticks to the material it is poured with high sticking property. Some of the material to be poured are ABS, PVC, Polycarbonate, Polyester and Aluminum.

Area of Use: Areas of use of Doming Label are unlimited as much as your imagination.

Automotive Industry: Front and back logos of vehicle, steering logo, wheel cover logo, keypad, vehicle inside mahogany covering, sportive, chick, spectacular decorations, rear cover to make your company logo visible.

White Goods: Brand logos of refrigerator, cooler, washing machine, dishwasher, TV etc. Electric devices: Introductory and company logos of any electric device from drill to grass cutter. Keypads and gauges. Furniture: Logos of manufacturer companies of furnitures. Promotion: Especially brand name to key holder, magnet (magnetic tag), top point of pen caps, cover of memo book, souvenir.

Tray: Antislip trays to carry your glasses safe without slipping after covering in the trays.

Electronic Devices: Introductory logo and tags to cell phones, computers. Sound absorbers: Sound absorbing effects to reduce closing sound for furniture and machine manufacturers.

Textile: Doming Label may be placed on a fabric as brand, design and graphic thanks to special transfer system.

Shoe, Leather: We can make logos with blob pouring property on a certain area on the leather sewn on shoes.

Special production: It may easily be used inside the buttons, jewelry design, toys, cosmetic products, health products as keypad, logo etc.




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