• Add Value to brand
  • Trendy
  • Sophisticated
  • Thin
  • Shiny
  • Fine Surface details
  • Innovative
  • Stable  
  • Easy to use

What is THINCUT ?

  • Edes’s  ® registered brand
  • %99 Nickel %1 other metals
  • Thickness of the labels are changed from 0,06 mm to 0,12 mm
  • Adhesive resistance temperature : (-30 up to +90)

Where to use THINCUT 

All different Home Appliences, Electric/Elecetronics, Automotive, Heating Systems, Furnitures, Sanitary wares, Decoration accessories

  • Decorative accessories (Architector solutions, watches, magnets, …)
  • ARTSTICKERS (Can be sticked on any flat surfaces, like phone covers, laptops, notebooks,…) 

Types of THINCUT 

2D THINCUT   Catching the diamond effect with the speacial   designs,Matt/Shiny effect

HIGHCUT  Sophisticated and  elegant 3D Thincut. Using any colours with  bright chrome

THINCUT MICRO  All very thin and detailed artworks can be done. 

ELECTRONİC PARTS It can be installed on all different electronic parts, like mobile phones, cameras and etc.



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