R&D and Technology


EDES Etiket is a company that makes a difference in the industry since it always offers new product options for its the customers in the sector, it has a variety of products by incorporating with a very different product groups, and it applies the data gathered in the annual fair visits to the production line in a fastest way.

Since it is one of the leading companies in the industry each product developed is under protection. Despite having a 10-year history, EDES Etiket achieved success of having 5 different patents. With a examined patent right obtained in 2011, the Thincut production line is under 20 years of protection.

Our company which closely follows the developments in the field and increases its production capacity with continuously increasing orders, it owes its fast service to the latest technology machinery it invested in. It allocates serious budget to the coming year investment projects that are decided at the end of each year. This is because we believe that we should well analyze our field of work and make the right investments in time in order to make label production at the same speed and vision to our customers who produce technology and technological products shaping the future.



Edes Endüstriyel Damla Etiket San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
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